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It’s been almost ten years since we graduated from APU. That’s surprising because it’s quite easy to drift apart from people when you are farther away. However, this community enables us to keep the lines of communication open. So Let’s catch up!

Mr. Matsunaka Keita will come as our first guest who is currently working in Motherhouse. Motherhouse is one of the famous companies in the bag industry in Japan. The moderators are also huge fans of thier products.

▶︎ WHO ARE WE? APU alumni from class of 2008/2012 graduates
▶︎ WHAT IS THE ROOM ABOUT? Some casual updates and catch-ups about life after APU! Each session we’ll have one alumnus joining our table to talk about themselves and you’re encouraged to throw in some burning questions!
▶︎ HOW DOES IT WORK? It’s of alumni, by alumni, for alumni! After each session the guest alumnus will nominate another alumnus for the next round.

Looking forward to having over-due catch up with all of you!

Yours truly,
Ryosuke & Shino

Date:6/27(Sun) 20:15~21:15 JST

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