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Have you ever wondered:
– What is an elementary school in Japan like?
– Are differences in religion or thought given due consideration in elementary school?
– How can we overcome the language barrier? etc
Current teachers who graduated from APU will talk about the life at elementary schools in Japan as panellists. Anyone who are interested in this topic and can understand English or Japanese are welcomed to join this event, whether they are graduates of APU or not.

Event date and time:
June 13th (Sun) 19:00-21:00 (Japan time)
Free entry and exit, audio-only participation is also welcome because of online implementation.
***Zoom registration***

PART1 Sharing of experiences
1-3 person who will share experiences of themselves and their children.
PART2 Panel discussion by current school teachers
Mr.Masaharu SHIGEMATSU(2007 APS, Private junior and senior high school teacher)
Ms.Rui ANJO(2006 APS, Public elementary school teacher)
Ms.Kozue YONEDA(2008 APS, Private elementary school teacher)
PART3 Q&A(Freetalk)

Questionnaire form and contact address: (Keiko Hagiwara)
(1) Name
(2) E-mail address
(3) Graduated year (if you are an APU alumna/alumnus)
(4) Age of your children (if applicable)
(5) Questions, opinions, experiences, and concerns about Japanese elementary schools.
(6) Others
If you have any questions or concerns about elementary school life, or experiences of your own or of your child you would like to share, please send them to the questionnaire form or the email address. We will use it as a reference for the event’s contents.

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