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APU kid’s school event

APU kid’s school event
We are a new alumni group that provides a place for parents and children to study.
The first event theme is “Nepalese cooking”.
You can learn culture and how to cook Nepalese curry from Mr. Rai who is organizing YouMe Nepal Of NPO.

1.Date and time
Nov 23th,2019
Reception 11am
Start the event 11:30am
Ending time 3:00pm

ビレッジスペース near Higashishinjuku sta.
3.Number of applicants
10 pairs

4.Entry fee/people
APU alumni/under junior high school 500 Yen
Under Elementary school 0 Yen(free)
Except APU alumni 1,000yen
※The participation fee will be donated to YouMe Nepal as the operating fee and the balance will be donated.

5.Contacts and entry
Please entry using this entry form until 20th November.

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