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Hello, I’m Ogawa Yuki, and I’m vice leader of a student organization that works under Office of President.

Today, we want to invite all of you to an event which will be held in October 26th

Before the announcement,
We would like to explain what our organization – Loop.A.S. – really is.
To fulfill our mission – “connect alumni and current students”
We have three departments:
① Event Department: Conduct event that connects alumni and current students
② Interview Department: Interview alumni who visit APU
③ PR Department: Share and spread the work of alumni association

This time we are planning an event that is the best in the history of Loop.A.S.!!

As you all know, we have ‘Tenkusai’ on October 26th and 27th. In addition, we also have RLM (Regional Leaders Meeting), where leaders of numerous alumni association chapter gather.

And, Loop.A.S. has been appointed the task to organize the social-gathering ‘懇親会’.
Till today, RLM participants and Loop.A.S. member have been organizing the social-gathering; however, this time, we are planning an event called 「HOME COMING DAY」, where 50 alumni and 50 current students will gather and enjoy together.

Date: 10/26(Sat) 19:00-21:00
Venue: APU Cafeteria
Fee: Free
*There is no subsidy for transportation. Hope you understand.
Next year, APU will celebrate 20-year anniversary
Alumni, who had no chance to interact with current students are the graduation
After 20 years, the campus has changed with time, and haven’t you thought of COMING BACK?
COMING BACK to give advice to current students
COMING BACK to immerse yourself into the faded memories of campus life
COMING BACK by inviting your old friends

Don’t just participate in Tenkusai, participate in COMING BACK party, because we have planned numerous events to interact!

For those who are interested, please feel out the invitation form.

< application period>
16 October 2019
*Once it reaches the maximum participant, we will close the form.

We are waiting for you to apply!!

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