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Kumamoto Chapter: Welcome party for new graduates!

To all the graduates who live in Kumamoto.

And especially for those graduated in the last spring. We are so sorry that we have missed the chance to say congratulations.
We are the APU Alumni Kumamoro chapter. APU alumni is the group of all APU graduates including you.

Kumamoto chapter has now 30 and more members whose graduation years are diverse (from 1st generation to those graduated in the last year) and enjoying frankly beyond it.

If you start missing Beppu Onsens, Age Nasu in cafeteria, and intercultural memories in APU, or even not, you can have another place to share them and whatever you want in APU Alumini community.

Now we are planning our welcome party for you as followings
Time: 24th Aug. 2019(Sat) 19:00ish~
PLACE: Izakaya in the downtown(TBA)
FEE: TBA(those who graduated in 2019, you can join with up to 1,000~1,500yen!)

Who can join! Contact the following address!
Who’s not sure and who are sure being late… Contact the following address!
Whom the schedule doesn’t allow to join this time… we are planning following events and we have small gatherings welcoming you, so contact the following address!

Of course this announcement is not only for graduates in 2019 but also for all the graduates in Kumamoto.

Looking forward to seeing you.

APU Alumni Kumamoto Chapter
Kennichi Kamitani (Graduated on spring, 2009)

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