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Invitation on 'APU Alumni Association Contributions ' Library Corner Launch Event

The APU Alumni Association is an organization aiming to foster a network between students who have attended AP ...

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APU Alumni Mongolia Chapter General Assembly

Invitation from Mongolian Chapter =General Assembly for 2018=  日時: 2018年12月23日(日) 19時~23時  場所: Ulaanbaatar, Bi ...

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APU Startup Founders 1st meetup in Tokyo!!

APU Startup Founders 1st meetup in Tokyo!! Finally we are holding the first meetup event in the APU Tokyo offi ...

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APU Alumni Ho Chi Minh General Assembly

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JUMBO Party (Tokyo・Osaka・Fukuoka)

毎年恒例!年末Jumboパーティのお知らせ(関東&関西&九州 同時開催) 2011年に関東で始まった、「年末Jumboパーティー」のお知らせです! 今年も、関東、関西、九州の3ヵ所で、開催となりました! 詳細は下記です。 ...

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