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APU Alumni Singapore Chapter General Assembly

Singapore Chapter will hold annual General Assembly! With buffet, GA this year will be casual and fun gatherin ...

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APU Alumni Australia Chapter General Assembly

Good day everyone! Long winter has passed in Australia and it’s the perfect time for a gathering now. I’d like ...

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APU kid’s school event

APU kid’s school event We are a new alumni group that provides a place for parents and children to study. The ...

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APU Alumni Dubai Chapter General Assembly

We, Dubai Chapter, would have 2019 general assembly!! APU President Deguchi san will come and make presentatio ...

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APU Alumni Chushikoku Chapter General Assembly

2019年度 APU校友会中四国チャプター 総会イベントのお知らせ 中四国チャプターの総会イベントが開催されます。 今回は、うどん体験と絵本パーティを開催します。 今回は出口学長も参加されます。 概要は下記になります。皆 ...

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