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5.30(Fri) Announcement of Welcome party for new graduates @ Fukuoka♪♪

This is announcement of Welcome party for new graduates@ Fukuoka. Date&Time:5.30(Fri) 20:00 Place : SoeL & ...

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AGENDA For General Assembly on May 17/5月17日総会の議題について

Dear all APU Alumni/すべてのAPU卒業生の皆様へ As announced, we will hold our 2014 General Assembly on Saturday May 17, 14 ...

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Regarding APU Alumni Association’s “2014 General Assembly”

校友の皆様 Dear all the alumni, APU校友会 代表 吉田聖崇 Seitaka YOSHIDA Chairperson, APU Alumni Association 「2014年度校友会総会」につい ...

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5.24 Announcement of 10th Anniversary event @ Osaka♪

Japanese only

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[Kansai Chapter] Welcome event for Fresh Graduate and the 1st Field trip to Suntory Yamazaki brewery

Please check the Japanese Side. Join us and enjoy your weekend  aSuntroyt Yamazaki Brewery, heart of Japanese ...

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