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(日本語) 起業家ネットワーク開催のお知らせ♪

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(日本語) APU孔子学院 講演会「孫文と梅屋庄吉-Transnationalな生き方を学ぶ-」開催のお知らせ

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Thai Chapter provide "RED NIGHT PARTY" for the 2013 General Assembly in Bangkok!

 Those of you who are still wondering to go to the Assembly or not, look at this.  Thai Chapter has provided a ...

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Sri Lanka Chapter has started supporting children in poverty. Why not helping?

 We are very proud to announce that Sri Lanka Chapter now launching a charity project to support children livi ...

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Oita Chapter holds an international exchange event which connects children, local community and APU students

 Hi, this is Akinobu Okada (graduated 2006 ) from Oita Chapter. Oita chapter will hold an international exchan ...

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