Hokkaido Chapter: Welcome party for new graduates!

APU校友会北海道チャプターの歓迎会を5月11日(土)に開催します! この春から北海道に就職した新卒の方や、北海道に転勤や転職で住んでいる方など、北海道の美味しい料理とお酒で親睦を深めましょう! お子さま連れもウェルカム ...


APU Startup Founders 2nd Meetup in Tokyo

APU Startup Founders 2nd Meetup in Tokyo! The group was founded last year and this time we would like to discu ...

This event has concluded.

Sakura Sky Garden opening ceremony

This garden project is contributed and started at the initiative of APU Alumni Association, based on ideas fro ...


APU Hokuriku chapter Launch Ceremony

Opening APU alumni Hokuriku Chapter on April 20th 2019 We decided to organize this Hokuriku chapter to gather ...

This event has concluded.

APU Alumni Chushikoku Chapter General Assembly

「うどんの国」香川で4年ぶりにイベント&総会を開催します! 中四国チャプターのイベントと総会を4年ぶりとなる香川県で開催します。 スケジュール前半は讃岐うどん店巡りと琴平宮参り、後半はまったりと総会、お茶会を予 ...

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