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FY2017 Regional Chapter Leaders Meeting(RLM)

We will continue to hold the Regional Chapter Leaders Meeting this year.

Direction of FY2017 RLM(RLM Host Chapter MTG Minutes1/RLM Host Chapter MTG Minutes2)

For details, please refer below.


□Participants Beijing(Absence)・Shanghai・Taiwan・Korea・Mongolia・Hong Kong

□Schedule   6/24-25

□Materials   Minutes

□Participants Singapore・Philippines・Myanmar・Malaysia・Indonesia・Cambodia

□Schedule   7/29-30

□Materials   Minutes

□Participants Hanoi・Ho-Chi-Ming・Sri Lanka・India・Thailand

□Schedule   6/10-11

□Materials   Minutes

□Participants Kumamoto・Fukuoka・Oita・Chu-Shikoku・Chubu・Kansai・Kanto・Hokkaido

□Schedule   10/28-29

□Materials   Minutes

□Participants Latin America(Absence)・ARC・Bangladesh・Pakistan

□Schedule   10/9

□Materials  Minutes

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