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FY2015 Regional Chapter Leaders Meeting(RLM)

Chapter leaders meeting, which was held at the national level last year,is going to be segmentalzed and held per region this year.

For details, please refer below.


□Participants Kumamoto・Fukuoka・Oita・Chu-Shikoku・Chubu・Kansai・Kanto

□Schedule   6/27-28

□Materials   Minutes/Feedback


□Participants Singapore・Philippines・Myanmar・Malaysia・Indonesia

□Schedule   8/2-3

□Materials   Minutes/Feedback


□Participants Hanoi・Ho-Chi-Ming・Sri Lanka・India・Thailand

□Schedule   10/31,11/1

□Materials   Minutes/Feedback

■RLM@Tianjin(Sponsorship by Beijing Chpater)

□Participants Beijing・Shanghai・Taiwan・Korea・Mongolia・Hong Kong

□Schedule   11/28-29

□Materials   Minutes/Feedback

■RLM@APU(Sponsorship by Board member)

□Participants Latin America・ARC・Fukuoka・

□Schedule   2016/2/27-28

□Materials   Minutes/Feedback

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