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FY2014 Chapter Leaders Meeting

The Chapter Leaders Meeting was held at Hotel Samjung,Seoul on August 2-3.

The representatives from 24 chapters gathered and discussed about many things. Materials are available here.

≪ Day 1st (Sorry a lot of them are in Japanese only)≫

CL’s role


Beppu City answer format

Proposal from Beppu City to Alumni Association

Chubu’s opinion Kanto’s Proposal CLM 2012 Fiscal Report CLM 2013 Fiscal Report Fiscal Projection 2014-2017

≪Day 2≫

Chapter Handbook2014_

Chapter Accounting Manual 2014

How to use the Alumni Database

Alumni Pres for General Purpose 2

Form1 Budget Discretionary Funding Request Application_

Form2 List of Registered Members_

Form4 Plan Sheet

Form5 Event Report

Form6 Accounting Report

☆Expenditure report

Expenditure(Chapter Leaders Meeting)

☆CLM@Korea Q&A

CLM@Korea Q&A

☆Chapter activity sheet



☆About New Approach After CLM (Chapter Leaders Meeting)

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