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Q. Do I have to register to the APU Alumni Association website?

A. Please note that your current email address (your @apu.ac.jp account) will only remain valid for three months after your graduation. In order to connect to other graduates and get the latest alumni updates via our system, you are required to register your email and other related details. By registering, you will be able to access the Alumni Database, Message Board and receive mail newsletters. You will also receive a lifetime email address *1 (email forwarding service *2). *1: The format of the lifetime email address is the same as the APU email address with the addition of “al” in the address (APU account @al.apu.ac.jp). It is a mail forwarding service so unlike the APU email set-up there is no inbox. *2: All emails sent to your new lifetime email address will be immediately forwarded to the personal email address that you registered in your personal profile (please do not register your APU address). You can check your email by logging into the account registered in your profile. An email address from an outside provider is required for this service.

Q. I’ve forgotten my ID and password. Can you give me the details again?

A. Please follow the instructions below. < How to login > In the login ID (lifetime email address) field, type in your lifetime email address (the account you had while you were a student@al.apu.ac.jp) and password. * If you have forgotten your password go to “Forgotten your password?” and enter your login ID and lifetime email address. Your new password will be sent to the email address you have registered on the alumni site. You can not check your password if the forwarding email address is unknown or no longer in use. Please contact us to check your forwarding email address.

Q. How can I check the emails sent to my APU Alumni Association lifetime email address?

A. The lifetime email address doesn’t have a mailbox so all the emails sent to this address will automatically be sent to your forwarding email address (e.g., Gmail etc). *Please note you may not receive emails if you haven’t kept your contact details up-to-date or have incorrectly registered your email address.

Q. I applied for a new password and the temporary password should have been sent to my forwarding address but I still haven’t received it.

A. Occasionally passwords are accidentally sent to people’s junk mail so please check you account thoroughly (including your junk mail folder). If it is not there please email the Secretariat of the APU Alumni Association.

Q. I can no longer access my APU mailbox as I have no access to the Campus Terminal. What should I do?

A. Access to the Campus Terminal is disabled after graduation. Please access your email by going directly to the following URL: http://www.apu.ac.jp/home/ct/office365/. Please also note that the address you used as a student will become invalid in three months from graduation. You can utilize the APU Alumni Association website to get in contact with your old friends and receive event information. Register you details if you haven’t already done so.

Q. I am registered member of the APU Alumni Association, but why am I unable to use the Member Search function?

A. People who have not paid the lifetime membership fees of the APU Alumni Association (20,000 yen) will not be able to utilize all the benefits of the “Member search” function. To take advantage of these services, please contact the APU Alumni Association office for payment details.

Q. I would like some support for my research. What should I do?

A. The Association does not offer support for individual activities. However, please feel free to forward your inquiry to the Secretariat for assistance.
INQUIRIES: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Secretariat of the APU Alumni Association 1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577 Japan TEL:81-977-78-1103 FAX:81-977-78-1113 Email:apualumn★api.ac.jp(please replace “★”with “@”)
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