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Loop.A.S.(Alumni association student executive committee )

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Loop.A.S. is a student leg of APU Alumni Association which “loops” the alumni and the current students.Its goals are 1. To make students life fruitful by stimulation from alumni, 2.Alumni be vitalized by current students, 3.Development of APU family, 4.Member’s development, 5.Developement of Alumni Association.

Loop.A.S.’s ultimate goal is “ To become a part of the triangle with GASS for High School students and FLAG for freshmen, then Loop.A.S. for Alumni, connecting not only Alumni and students but also companies and students through internship and recruitment”. In the course towards this ultimate goal, we have intermediate goals as “To make the organization sustainable through cooperation with Alumni Association and University” ”To make its internal recognition rate to 90%” and “To initiate at least 4 events a year”.

This year, we plan to produce this GAZETTE, conduct a joint camp with alumni and students, participate in Tenku-sai and organize Welcome party for graduates at Graduation Ceremony.

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