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EVENTS General access This section contains updates of news activities organized by the Association. We hope that you are eager to be involved !!
General access This section contains reports of the events posted in the “EVENTS” section. It also contains news from APU campus and Ritsumeikan University Alumni Association among others. Some of your friends might appear in this section!?
Live@APU General access You can watch a live feed of APU taken by a camera on campus. Visit this section to see the wafting mists of APU, multicultural week events around the fountain, Tenkusai performances, etc.
MAP ”Alumni
around the
General access This is a list of all the Association’s ”Regional Chapters” around the world.
General access
This is the Association collection of nostalgic photos. Take advantage of the plug-in provided to share these memories with your friends!?
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Receiving × If you want to get in touch with your friends who have moved and changed jobs, try using Member Search to find them (alumni only). You can search by inputting the person’s name, matriculation year or graduation year You can then use the email forwarding service to contact them. Information search on current students is not possible.
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